Monday, March 15, 2010

The past week...

1) I went around  1/2 the North side of Oahu and decided I will never ever own a car with a keyless start.  They don't work well when they get wet.

2) I went around the other 1/2 of the North side of Oahu, and discovered there are some really cool places most visitors don't know about and probably never will... and I'm not sayin' what.

3) About day 7 of working vacation I start to really miss my stuff.

4) On day 8, I start contemplating how it would be possible to move.

5) On day 9, just before we're actually leaving... I am really really having withdrawals, I need my torch and my stuff and some good doggy kisses.  If I can't stay, then I just want to be home, right now.

There is a turtle head poking out about 1/2 way up the photo on the left 
side of me and a fisherman out there in the distance right above my head. 

Turtle probably looked remarkably similar to this guy:

I went to the So Cal Flamesurfers meeting on Saturday after flying in from Hawaii and getting home about 10:30 on Friday evening.  The greetings from dogs and kids combined with the two hour time difference kept me awake till nearly 1am.  I was only about a half hour late to the meeting, not bad if I don't say so my myself.

I got to see my friend Kati O'Meara and watched part of her demo in the mobile studio.  Her and her beau have a mobile flameworking studio that deserves a blog post all it's own.  More about them another time :)

I also bought some Bullseye glass... rut roh... here's my meager stash:

I think I may need more :)  I made some spacers and a couple of Flower Power beads for pendants... I can already tell that this itty bitty bit of glass won't be enough. 

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