Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sorry. I'm a flake.

So, I flaked yesterday... I was a vendor at a marble show in Fullerton.  These are some of the "round round" beads I took with me.  I sold a couple of marbles too... go me!  I swiped the above pic from my friend Denise.

So my excuse for not posting yesterday is this... I have some kind of "bronchitis" thing going on, my older son said I sound like a 13 yo boy (voice cracking).  After getting up at 6:30 and working all day, then going to see an amazing collection of marbles at Brian Bowden's house, I actually stopped at a grocery store all by myself (I have a "thing" against grocery stores for those of you who don't know me).  I got some cold medicine, some throat lozenges and a package of dark chocolate peanut butter cups... then I came home took my medicine and made some soup, then I burnt my tongue on the too hot soup.  I was wiped out, I whined to my online friends and went to sleep.  So that's my excuse. 

And hey, if you wanna, I have a contest going on here.

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  1. Oh Donna! Hope you feel better soon. When my throat is sore, I love those sucrets with the numbing agent in them.