Monday, March 8, 2010

This does not suck...

I survived!  The show is over.  I managed to keep hold of most of my money... but still got a few things from Green Girl Studios and from ElementZ Designs, they were kind enough to trade with me, yay!!  Green Girl Studios make the funkiest cutest pewter cast beads, and Andrew Thornton is too much fun.

Opposite end of the bead scale is ElementZ Designs, owned by Tanya a local artist from the "Big" island...she makes beads made of wood and buffalo horn as well and leather cut outs for use in jewelry.

I also got a very cool bead from Sara Sally LaGrand who was directly across from me (so was Miss Katherine Natalia Wadsworth) and a kumihimo braiding kit from the people who run a local bead store near the Ward Warerhouse, right across the street if I remember correctly :)

Jeff moved us from Waikiki to Kailua while I worked the last few hours of the show yesterday.  It's beautiful... Some how, he managed to keep how awesome the little house is a secret from me for an entire year.  The ocean is just yards away and you can fall asleep listening to the pounding surf.

This is the view out the slider facing the ocean.

And this a view from the bedroom window.

We have a house cat named Juliette, she belongs to the neighbors but hangs out at the beach rental.


This morning we went for a walk and we saw these...
Yes, that's a sea turtle... no, we weren't at a park or anything.  These guys hang out at a place called Turtle Cove.  There were probably a dozen or more that we could see.  Turtles just swimming around, popping their heads out every now and then.  They are friendly and you can get really close.  Jeff is trying to get me to go swimming with them... heh, yeah... :)  Aloha!


  1. I'm so jealous. It's a mortal sin, but boy is this delicious. Enjoy!

  2. You can live vicariously through me. I'll post again before Friday... there is so much to write about :)

  3. It was great seeing you here in Hawaii! I can't wait to work with your beads. It has been such an amazing experience being in Hawaii and that is in part from all the amazing people here. Thank you for your continued support. Best of luck with all your goodies!

  4. OK, now I'm green with envy! Have fun!!!!

  5. Thank You Andrew! I love love love GGS beads, prolly why I have such a hard time parting with anything I make with them.

    Holly, you need to come here... it's wonderful. I would move here in a heartbeat... there are things keeping me home though, like my shop and the thought of quarantining my dogs does not go over very well!