Thursday, April 1, 2010

Harold Williams Cooney...

...Is a phenomenal glass artist... I think you all need to go and look at his auctions.  I'm posting a second blog post today because while it's true that the last post was no joke, I needed to do something positive even if it's just to blog about another struggling artist.

I've seen Harold's beads in person, they are fantastic and if I could buy these I would...

But for now I will have to watch them sit on the 'bay and hopefully see them go to a new home... Here's the auction.  Bid high and bid often!  Good Luck Harold!

Oh and while you're at it, please take a gander at my "for the first time in 4 years" auction... just some spacer beads and nothing as fantastic as what Harold is auctioning off.  But hey, we all gotta start somewhere right?


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