Sunday, May 2, 2010


I like Sundays... I wake up late (r), laze around in bed (usually with a dog or two), take my sweet time getting ready for work in my studio.  "My studio", I like that.  Oh yeah, then I usually have one or two peeps who come in to rent torch time.  It's a short working day, just about 5 hours... but I like it.

Right now I'm on a major cleaning spree, I have so many tools and things for silver smithing that I can't get to because just a couple of days ago there was so much "stuff" on the work bench you couldn't even see the top of the bench.  Frustrating, and crazy making.  Makes for little inspiration and even less actual jewelry making.

I've decided to bring home all the photography stuff, it's just easier to take photos at home and that's where I usually end up doing it anyway.  Now I have the top of an (empty) display case to showcase pretty things... I have lots of other artist's beads that are sitting in plastic bins... really sad!  I'm just not sure how to display them and how to put the artists' name near them without it being distracting or eventually so faded by the sun that it looks crappy.  Any ideas??  Please share, I'd love to hear suggestions from other people.  Oh just keep in mind, I have possibly about 100+ beads... scary.  :)

Well, peeps.  If you took the time or have ever taken the time to read my rampblings, thanks!  Have a great Sunday.

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  1. Donna, I like to frame one or two in a recessed frame with their name in there.