Saturday, June 26, 2010

3 weeks worth of beads...

...and these were just the ones I didn't bother to clean till today... why do I do this to myself.  I totally know better.  I don't how many are there, but it's not an even layer the way this pic makes it look, it's a *pile* of beads.  Now to sort and figure out exactly what I had planned at the time I made them, wish me luck!   :)


  1. Wow, that's an ecclectic mix of beads for the past 3 weeks!

    Now....I'm going to challenge myself to make a pile at least that big over the next 3 weeks. Now that my office is all but done, it's time for me to get back out to the studio!

  2. I know I have to sort through, there a re some things that are just pendants, and there is a couple of sets in there and some spacer beads. The purple hearts are for Beads of Courage.