Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer

Featured Artist: Nicole Valentine-Rimmer

~What is your other craft? 

 I’ve recently started acrylic painting, I am very much a beginner at it but and enjoying the process.
~How long have you been working in your medium?  

 Coming up 6 years now. Finishing off two years full time beadmaking.
~What drew you to this medium?

I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was younger, did some work in that field and I really had no talent there. I worked in clay for a while, then started assembling jewelry.  I was buying other artist beads and fell in love with glass. I took my first class at Starfish here in Victoria and it did not go well to say the least. I was sure, like fashion design it was not the medium for me. I puttered about on a hot head for a while, then won a private class with Andrea Guarino on ebay. She graciously allowed me to bring another glass friend (Nicole Brown) and it was a blast! I was immediately smitten with glass.
~What is your favorite thing about your art?  
I like the reactions you can get with metals. But my favorite thing is clear and encasing. I love the depth and the magnification it gives to everything.
~What's your favorite piece?
The copper capped and cored beads I’ve been working on lately. Sweet Juliet is my current favorite.
~What's the hardest piece you've ever made?
My earrings, they are fiddly with a lot of pegging before soldering. But I really like the way they hang, it disperses the weight directly under your ear lobe, instead of hanging off the front of your ear lobe.
~Who or what inspires you?  

Many things, strong women throughout history. But right now it would be my horses. They all had a really rough year last year and they are all thriving, they are happy to see me every morning and always listen to my grumblings with no complaints!
~What's your favorite inspirational saying?
I have a few:
Courage is the only magic worth having.
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.
~What's one thing you've never done you always wanted to do?

Visit Italy, I’d love to see the history behind the glass.

~Where can people find your work?

Thanks Nicole!

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