Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The interwebs is forever...

I'm a searcher... I play on the internet looking for people from my past just to see if I can find them... sometimes I do and sometimes not.  Usually the people I'd like to find the most are the hardest.  So I have a subscription to to aid me in my endless quest.  Classmates has recently added yearbooks to their line up of interesting things... and this is what I found:

 This is my senior class picture, 1984

And this is me just a few weeks ago, 2010

I'm still looking for my BFF from junior high... if you see her will you tell her I'm lookin' for her? 


  1. I refuse to pay for classmates so my handle there is Holly facebookisfree (lastname)!!! LOL!~

  2. Where did you go to school at, I wanna see your senior pic!

  3. Oh that's fun!! I went to North high School in worcester, Ma class of 1991. Let me know if you see my pic!!!

  4. Nope not there yet! They are supposed to be adding new ones all the time... :) I looked for my moms too but hers isn't there yet either. I guess I got lucky.