Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The South Coast Botanic Garden and other fun stuff...

So every 3rd Tuesday the South Coast Botanic Garden has free admission, so the DH comes home from work and we go... It's usually afternoon and you would think it would be so cool and breezy since it's on a tip near the ocean. Ha! Not so... it was hot... okay it was hot *to me*. My guess is it was over 80 degrees but in my defense, it was probably only 75-78 near my house. So well within my range... anyway, we didn't stay long. But long enough for me to snap off a few pics, here's one of my favorites.

I also managed a kiln full of my daisy beads, and a new tea from the Torrance Farmers Market. If you ever get a chance to try plum tea or jujube tea or even mixed together, I highly recommend! They are delish. Oh, mine is from Dave's Gourmet Korean food here in the Los Angeles area.

And an update on my girl Asia. I have found a couple of foods that she just loves... she's packed on a couple of pounds and is back to her usual old lady/puppy self. I am relieved.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Good and Bad...

In the past week I have watched two sets of the same side of my family deal with two deaths and two funerals. Bad.

I have dealt with a customer who didn't seem to understand that glass is glass, and I am a one man show. Bad.

My dog has decided she no longer wants to eat and I have been trying different dog food, boiling chicken and cooking rice trying in vain to get her to eat. Bad.

The funerals are over and healing can begin. Good.

I am letting the customer go. Good.

I found something my dog will eat, even it I have to hand feed it to her. Good.

Happy Monday. =)

Here's a photo of my picky dog.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Apologies...

I won't even apologize for my absence. I have no excuse. I can't even say I've been too busy... 'cause I have had time and have even thought about posting. I just haven't really felt like it.

I am going to try and pull it together, I've done some fun stuff since my last post. I trip to Hawaii (yes, again!), a trip around my own beach cities area where I even took some fantastic photos (imho), and a get together with my girl cousins, aunts and a couple of "nieces" this past weekend which included a trip to Olvera Street and the Original Farmer's Market located here in LA, which I had never been to. I am a California native... Los Angeles to be specific!

So, should it all be lumped into one post? Separate posts? Are you sick of hearing about my trips to Hawaii?? Leave that out, put it in? I don't know.