Monday, March 5, 2012

March 2012 Hawaii Trip

Aloha! We arrived in Oahu on Saturday February 25, so we have been here more than a week already! The next day we left for the big island of Hawaii and stayed in Kailua Kona at an awesome condo right on the ocean... It was just gorgeous! I got a nice shot of the canoe guys right at sunset...
And here we are... a self portrait using the timer on the camera...
We went out exploring... I'm not sure what the big wooden things were for, but they were really big... and kinda cool looking =)
This boat just sitting at a boat launch near where a really rough road leads to "green sand beach"... it's a 2.5 mile walk and we only had our *slippahs* on, and I am not into the 4 wheeling thing even though we had a Jeep. I'm glad Jeff wasn't too disappointed about my lack of enthusiasm for driving there.
We stayed till Wednesday and then went to set up for my bead show over this past weekend... Here's my awesome new banner!
And about half my table of beady goodness!
We also got a an awesome view of a Japanese fireworks show! We started to go down to the beach to watch, but it started to rain as soon as we got outside... and it was getting worse and worse with each step... so we decided to forget it... and I am so glad we did!
It's a rainy day today, with flash flood warnings... but because of the rain, Jeff found a whole bunch of Wiliwili seeds! The rain knocks them down from the tree, so while I was sleeping this is what he found...
We are here for another 5 days... see you soon!

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