Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's official!

I went and signed the new workshop lease last Thursday... I get the keys next Friday and start the move on Saturday.  I am not so frantically packing.  I don't know why I am just casually putting things in boxes.  Everything neatly wrapped, well except the box of frit, and that one weighs A LOT.

It's gonna be a lot of work, but thankfully I have a friend and her beau coming to help.  Not very many people would I trust to do this.  I think she might be a little more anal about things than I am, and that is a good thing.  Plus, we get a long... even better than her being more anal than me.

Stay tuned... I'll be posting pics in the next couple of weeks!

Oh yeah!  Here's the new addy in case you don't know yet...
25101 S. Normandie Ave Unit 1C
Harbor City, CA 90710

PS - Google earth really needs to update... the building they have is the old one before the rehabbing =)


  1. Thank you, I now have a new title. ;)

    1. You know I love you... =) At least I know this will get done right. :lol:

  2. You made Dean laugh. :) at least you know I've hauled my glass and equipment across the country and nothing was broken. I know howbtoboack my truck. Hee Hee.
    And your ceiling fan is good to go. Dean said "She'll probably want it hung back up somewhere..."

    1. There's no where else to hang it. =( I might have to Craigslist it... or wait till a kid finally flies. I'll have a box for it so it doesn't get wrecked.